Hemp Report I

hemp-report-banner-primary [Hemp Report I | March 31st, 2015]

In 2014, Dewmar International formed the United States Hemp Corporation, LLC (as a subsidiary) with a mission to become a best of breed incubator for hemp brands and products in the USA. We are proud to announce the U.S. Hemp Corporation (USHC) is making a lot of progress since its incorporation. The company recently launched as its consumer website. The website offers a selection of the finest hemp beverages on the market including Canna Energy, C-Swiss Hemp Iced Tea and Chillo Hemp Energy. All of these products that we fulfill from USHC now are available for sale on

The 2014 Farm Bill, aka the Agricultural Act of 2014, included a provision to allow some people to begin growing industrial hemp, provided it is for “purposes of research conducted under an agricultural pilot program or other agricultural or academic research,” and complies with state law.  The economics alone are enough to convince anyone.  Despite the fact that hemp farming has been illegal, the U.S. is the world’s biggest consumer of it, importing $580 million worth in 2013, with predicted double-digit percentage growth.  I believe that “a major change is coming” and my goal is to position Dewmar to be one of the first few companies to take full advantage of the wealth of opportunities early on as change occurs.

To properly position the Company, in addition to the website and products the U.S. Hemp Corporation launched the Hemp Incubator. It is the only Industrial Hemp focused business incubator in the world. With the U.S. Hemp Corporation office in Denver (and manufacturing near Boulder) we believe the location for the Hemp Incubator is ideal. We selected Colorado for the location of the Hemp Incubator because the area is known as the “Silicon Valley of Food” and “Epicenter of LOHAS.” It is at the nexus of the industrial hemp movement that is sweeping America, particularly with hemp consumer products. We are excited to announce the Hemp Incubator is fully operating and working to bring several products to market.

Hemp Brownies

The first-to-market product that will come out of the Hemp Incubator is our hemp-protein brownie eligible for sale in all 50 states.  Dewmar and Hemp, Inc. (OTCPink: HEMP) have partnered to improve this marvelous brand of brownie making them healthier, tastier, and more moist, than ever. We are working on final packaging and labeling, and are ordering additional machinery to help handle increased manufacturing volumes and efficiency. We urge all persons interested in being one of the first to gain access to an order of our brownies to SUBSCRIBE for our newsletter on our corporate website’s Home Page.  Dewmar International and our brownie co-manufacturing partner have discussed providing routine tours of our FDA regulated bakery for our investor community or simply to fans of our product some time later this year after we have ramped up production and have met our backlog demand on days that we may not be actively running batches of our brownies. We will send out an email blast to all registered subscribers about this opportunity as it surfaces.


The U.S. Hemp Corporation team is currently performing research and due-diligence on a variety of cannabinoid based therapeutics. The primary cannabinoid we are researching is cannabidiol (CBD). To date, more than 20 states and Washington D.C. have enacted law to legalize cannabidiol and other medical cannabis products. We believe CBDs offer incredible potential in both their healing applications and growing market demand. We invite universities, research institutions, distribution channels and other businesses who are interested in CBDs to contact the USHC.

The U.S Hemp Corporation understands the importance and need to help farmers gain access to seed and industrial hemp processing technology. The USHC will continue its efforts to work with companies, universities and state departments of agriculture in these areas through the Hemp Incubator.  I have spent much time over the past several months meeting with leading researchers at a number of top Universities across the country that have taken specific interests in new developments in CBD particularly in the states of Louisiana, Colorado and Mississippi. I have toured a number of existing and potential grow facilities, MIP licensed facilities, medical cannabis manufacturing facilities and research labs. Dewmar is currently actively seeking such facilities to lease or purchase as a long term investments for research partnerships, grants and new product developments along with some of the brightest scientific minds in the industry.

Politically, I am striving to make all of the right connections on the local, state and federal government levels to put our Company in a position to become more readily involved in CBD research, hemp farming, nutraceuticals, cosmoceutical and possibly even pharmaceuticals as it relates to the medicinal and industrial hemp movement.  Expect to see more developments in the upcoming months regarding these newly cultivated relationships. As Chair of the Mississippi District Export Council, I currently have immediate access to two very active staff members of the Mississippi Department of Agriculture & Commerce as part of my committee.  The state of Mississippi is making great strides and increased interest in the Industrial Hemp and medicinal cannabis movement.

Recently, USHC became a member of the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) and is a part of the Mississippi chapter which has a strong presence to lobby statewide government officials. The mission of the HIA is to represent the interests of the hemp industry and to encourage the research and development of new hemp products. Currently, sales over 1,500 hemp products of which only 26 of these products are within the Food department. I will speak in greater detail in our future CEO Message regarding our updated Walmart efforts and our plans to increase the hemp product lines for the worlds largest retailer.

Our goal would be to grow various strains of hemp with a primary focus on high CBD, low THC hemp oils for new product developments. We have already confirmed with top seed researchers in Colorado that we can have a pure high CBD/low THC hemp strain genetically customized for the 3 varied regions of Mississippi – Gulf Coast sands, fertile Piney Woods, and the flat planes Mississippi Delta. If we are successful at growing our own hemp plants to have a high seed protein yield, we would prefer to manufacture our hemp-based products in America and disseminate them across the country and abroad to counter the heavy importing of hemp oils from countries such as China or Canada. The long term objective is for Dewmar to be managing one of the largest industrial and organic hemp farms in the state of Mississippi.

Dewmar International recently became a member of Louisiana State University’s Dean Circle. Since Dewmar has received the prestigious LSU100 Award in 2013, I have been having contact with a number Chemists and the graduate studies program to test chemical compounds for further research.  I am glad to announce that we are now taking this a step further as I am now working with a top research scientist and plant geneticist from the pharmaceutical industry within LSU’s LBTC Business Incubator in sampling various CBD oil water solubility enzyme technologies.  I am hopeful to work with their leading researcher to potentially produce the first line of water-soluble CBD organic juices and functional food lines to help improve the health and quality of lives of individuals throughout the world. We anticipate to work closely with the LSU AgCenter Food Incubator over the next few years to conduct food and beverage R&D for potential new product launches.

Industry Events

As a part of the website and Hemp Incubator launches, the USHC has attended multiple hemp industry events to establish its brand and services. Below are some of the recent events the USHC has attended.

November 10th, 2014: The Naturally Boulder Networking Night was designed to connect professionals in the Colorado natural food industry. The U.S. Hemp Corporation met with industry leaders to discuss FDA labeling requirements, food manufacturing and distribution channels.

November 15th, 2014: The Indo Expo Show was a full-spectrum cannabis event with exhibitors featuring cannabis cultivation, technology, lifestyle, education, industry services and industrial hemp.  The U.S. Hemp Corporation joined fellow U.S. based hemp businesses to build and support connections between wholesalers, retailers/buyers and the public.


Hemp Pitch Academy

December 17th, 2014: The Hemp Legislative Training Session provided attendees with helpful information to better understand how to offer input to the bill making process and update participants about upcoming industrial hemp related legislation. Congressman Jared Polis provided an update on hemp legislation being proposed at the federal level. For updates on his proposed legislation please see below.

January 15th, 2015: The RVC Hemp Pitch Academy was a half-day workshop designed to polish investor pitches, sharpen business strategy and provide a background on what investors are looking for and negotiating a successful deal. The Pitch Academy, designed in partnership with our friends at the Rocky Mountain Hemp Association, was specifically for “Hempreneurs” who are building companies within the rapidly growing industrial hemp sector in Colorado. 

I personally gained much insight at this conference on the fledgling companies entering the hemp industry, meeting a top hemp seed researcher from Colorado State University to share ideas was a bonus. My goal is to find some companies young enough to work into the auspices of USHC’s Hemp Incubator and we find the next diamond in the rough before they are exposed to potentially harmful and greedy investors who don’t put the best interest of the entrepreneur and their products first. This also gave me many ideas on how to help finance the efforts of USHC without causing any dilution for Dewmar investors.


Hemp Investor Briefing

March 5th, 2015: The Hemp Investor Briefing showcased opportunities for investors interested in the hemp industry. The 2-hour lunch briefing provided participating investors with in-depth knowledge about the diverse opportunities in the industrial hemp space. The event was sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Hemp Association and the U.S. Hemp Corporation’s investor program, the Hemp Investment Network.

Upcoming Industry Events:

As the hemp industry gains momentum, we’re excited to attend the following upcoming industry events.

April 4th, 2015 : The 2nd Annual NoCo Hemp Expo will take place at the Budweiser Events Complex in Loveland, Colorado. Now in its second year, the conference will include a hemp movie room, hemp food samples, hemp paper products and apparel, freshly brewed Colorado Hemp Beer, CBD hemp products and more. Don’t miss the original hemp-bodied sports car on display in Colorado for the first time in history! The US Hemp Corporation will be presenting our brownie product and hemp research project targeted for palliative and end of life care at the Investor/Founder Dinner the night before conference.

April 14-15: The Big Industry Show will be held in Denver, Colorado, and is this year’s must-attend show for retailers, wholesalers and distributers. The innovative B2B smoke shop tradeshow will feature the most dynamic and exciting vendors from across the country.

April 18-20: The U.S. Cannabis Cup in Denver is back and is bigger than ever with three days of 700+ vendors, three levels of VIP experiences, world-class musical entertainment, awards show and the biggest 4/20 party on the planet.

April 20-22: The Marijuana Investor Summit 2015 offers early adopters a deep dive into the legalized cannabis markets. Summit sessions and the pre-conference half-day boot camp will be taught by experts from both the investment industry and the successful entrepreneurs of the legal cannabis community.

June 1 – June 7: Now in its sixth year, Hemp History Week is a nation-wide education campaign and marketing program put on by the Hemp Industries Association. The week seeks to renew strong support for hemp farming in the U.S. while raising awareness about the benefits of hemp products. The 6th Annual campaign will include grass-roots events across the country, nationwide retail promotions, hemp plantings (in some states where hemp farming is legal under Section 7606 of the U.S. Farm Bill), documentary screenings, and farmer outreach. The U.S. Hemp Corporation is full member of the Hemp Industries Association and is planning several campaigns to assist HIA’s programs and legislative advocacy.

Legislative Updates

The future of hemp in the United States is looking brighter than ever. Over the last few months promising legislation has been introduced in the 114th Congress to further industrial hemp and access to Cannabidiol to patients, particularly veterans. We are working with our Hemp Ambassador, Dannion Brinkley, and his non-profit, the Twilight Brigade, to create positive change and better legislation for cannabinoid based healthcare treatments in palliative and end of life care. Please join our efforts and call your representatives to support this important (and historic) legislation.

1. S.134 – Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015 (January 8, 2015)

2. H.R. 525 – Industrial Hemp Farming Act, Reintroduced (January 22, 2015)

3. H.R. 667 – Veterans Equal Access Act (February 3, 2015)

4. S. 683 – CARERS Act of 2015 (March 10, 20015)

In Conclusion

I am hopeful that this detailed briefing of our activities since December 2014 gives more insight toward the many long-term efforts of Dewmar International BMC, Inc.  I believe that by the time you have had a chance to fathom the greatness to which Dewmar is working to achieve; we shall hopefully have our 2015 CEO Message released to provide further insight into all of the many other aspects of the Company beyond the realm of hemp. Until then, well wishes.

Dr. Marco Moran, CEO

Dewmar International BMC, Inc.

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SEC Warning:

It has come to Dewmar International Managements’ attention that multiple Dewmar International shareholders have tried to obtain material nonpublic information about Dewmar’s operations by contacting partners and organizations affiliated with Dewmar International. In light of this activity, we’ve retained legal counsel to address matters involving investors who are trying to obtain and trade on material nonpublic information about the company as this activity is prohibited by the SEC.

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