Healthcare Services and Technologies

The Company is executing the following operations and investments in the Healthcare Services and Technologies sector.

1) Formation of Health & Wellness Research Consortium, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dewmar, whose objective is to develop, implement and execute healthcare sales and marketing programs for pharmacies, clinics and hospitals with the goal to help the client improve patient care, broaden market presence, influence effective prescribing behaviors and ultimately maximize their return on assets.

2) Investment fund for the acquisition of Dimension Pharmacy, a Texas retail specialty pharmacy.

3) Investment fund for the purchase of Medicine Shoppe, a Louisiana traditional retail and specialty pharmacy combo.

4) Formation of Tri-Health Solutions, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dewmar, whose objective is to provide telemedicine services to Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas based healthcare systems.

5) Clinton Wellness Center, LLC investment fund, a Mississippi urgent care clinic and telemedicine center.

6) First-round investor in CirrusMD, a leading national telemedicine and acute care provider for large employers which recently announced a $7 million Series A financing led by Colorado Impact Fund, joined by Bootstrap Incubation, Three Leaf Ventures, Rockies Venture Fund, Service Provider Capital, Sand Hill Angels, and New York Angels.