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Dewmar Poised for Growth in 2018 and Beyond



Dewmar International BMC, Inc. (OTC Pink Sheets: DEWM) is a diversified operating company with subsidiaries and business lines in consumer goods brand management, healthcare and entertainment, and a particular focus on the fast-growing market for cannabis-related products.

Dewmar has generated five years of sequential profitable cash flows, with cumulative revenues approaching $10 million. In 2016, we received a top-tier Dunn & Bradstreet credit rating.

As of March 31, 2017, the company had $3.8 million in assets.

Our brand management division develops, markets and distributes consumer brands to big box retailers, like Walmart. Our premium “relaxation beverage” line, Lean Slow Motion Potion, has been nationally ranked as one of the most popular “functional” drinks in the U.S.

Through our wholly owned subsidiary, United States Hemp Corporation (USHC), we develop premier hemp brands and medical cannabis products. Based in Denver, Colorado, one of the centers of the U.S. cannabis industry, USHC has assembled a team of cannabidiol, hemp and natural food experts to lead R&D and product development efforts in this high-growth market. USHC’s first major success was Kush Cakes, a “relaxation brownie” that was one of the first products of its kind to enter the market. The product has remained a leader in its category, available for sale in all 50 states.

With consistent sales of core products, successful product development in new growth markets and investments in diverse business ventures, Dewmar is positioned for growth in 2018 and beyond.


Dr. Marco Moran, founder and CEO of Dewmar, has been an entrepreneur since he was 10 years old. As an adult, he has achieved more than a decade of success launching and running start-up enterprises, which have been named multiple times to the “LSU 100” list of fastest-growing companies led by alumni of Louisiana State University.

Dr. Moran is a former U.S. Naval Officer, trained in team leadership, and holds multiple advanced degrees from the University of Louisiana: he is a Master of Business Administration, a Doctor of Pharmacy and a Pharmaceutical Scientist.

Dr. Moran is active with many influential business groups, including the White House Business Council and the Executive Committee of the LSU College of Science. He serves as a board member of the LSU Alumni Association and recently held a board position with the Minority Cannabis Business Association.

The Mississippi Business Journal named Dr. Moran its 2017 “CEO of the Year.” He has also been honored by the Small Business Administration as Mississippi’s “Exporter of the Year” and received the Mississippi “Minority Business Alliance Award” for outstanding entrepreneurship. In addition, Dr. Moran’s development and distribution of Lean Slow Motion Potion—the success of which has helped reduce abuse of prescription opiate cough syrup—earned him Mississippi’s “Innovator of the Year” award.

Leveraging his expertise in chemistry, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, Dr. Moran founded Dewmar in 2009 as a consumer goods marketing company. Today, he is seeking new partnerships and investments to continue positioning Dewmar and drive the next stage of company growth—leveraging the company’s strengths to capitalize on diverse new opportunities in emerging markets.




Dewmar was founded as a brand management company, helping develop and distribute a variety of consumer products, primarily in the United States. We maintain our headquarters in Clinton, Mississippi, with additional offices in Denver, Houston and New Orleans.

Leveraging Dr. Marco’s background in chemistry and pharmaceuticals, as well as business management, Dewmar’s core strategy currently includes:

  • Developing, acquiring and licensing unique consumer products, brands and services, primarily in the market for therapeutic, cannabis-based foods, beverages and nutraceuticals.
  • Developing strategic alliances and investments with high growth potential, primarily in the cannabis and healthcare markets.
  • Leveraging multiple business models, including licensing agreements, fee-for-service contracts and distribution agreements.
  • Distributing products primarily in domestic markets, through distributors, traditional retailers and e-commerce.


Today, Dewmar’s flagship brands include Lean Slow Motion Potion, a “relaxation” beverage, and Kush Cakes, a hemp protein-based snack food. Both products are protected from competition by proprietary formulas and are carried by leading U.S. distributors, including Walmart.

Walmart Stores is Dewmar’s largest retail partner, selling the company’s products both online and in stores across the South and Southwest U.S.

In May 2017, Dewmar and Walmart executed an expanded distribution agreement. The new agreement promotes our products from direct-to-store to central warehouse distribution and more than triples the number of stores stocking our products, from 22 to 80.

The award of our new Walmart contract was based in part on a Supplier Evaluation Risk (SER) assessment performed by Dun & Bradstreet, which analyzed Dewmar’s credit-worthiness and financial health. Dewmar’s SER rating was 2, the second-highest ranking, placing our company in the 85th percentile of all SER-rated companies nationwide.

One of our competitive advantages as a Walmart supplier is our status as both a minority-owned and a service-disabled, veteran-owned business. For example, at Walmart’s special invitation, Dewmar participated in the Walmart Marketplace at the 2017 Essence Festival in New Orleans. Over the course of this three-day event, we far exceeded our sales goals.

Another opportunity for Dewmar to leverage Walmart’s presence and mass-market appeal in Middle America is an agreement we recently executed with the licensing arm of KW Brands, LLC, which is owned by Willie Robertson, the CEO of Duck Commander and star of A&E’s top rated television series, “Duck Dynasty.” We believe this relationship can expand the line of consumer products Dewmar distributes through Walmart and international channels.

Financial Information

Dewmar has generated five years of sequential profitable cash flows, with cumulative revenues approaching $10 million, including a banner year in 2014, with more than $4 million in net revenue, a gross margin in excess of 90% and more than $3.5 million in positive cash flow.

After a retrenchment of our business in 2015, we have conserved capital, complied with the OTC Marketplace’s Group Alternative Reporting Guideline (as of June 2017, our financial reporting filing status is “Current”) and reinvested in our business to open new opportunities with high growth potential. In addition, in June 2017, the company retired over 100 million shares of its common stock to improve our capital structure and enhance shareholder value. And we self-fund our day-to-day operations.

Dewmar’s current market capitalization is approximately $16 million, with an average of more than ten million shares trading daily via the OTC Pink Sheets market.

Strategic Expansion to Continue Growth

Dewmar has successfully expanded to new business opportunities, as detailed below, leveraging our expertise in food, beverage, pharmaceuticals and healthcare. These initiatives position our company for continued growth in 2018 and beyond.



Dewmar’s primary focus has been expanding our footprint in the U.S. hemp/cannabis market, which is growing fast with the legalization and adoption of such products for medicinal, nutraceutical and recreational use. According to data from Arcview Market Research, as reported in Forbes in January, 2017, sales of cannabis in North America grew 30% in 2016 to $6.7 billion, and are expected to exceed $20 billion by 2021. This remarkable compound annual growth rate compares favorably to the 19% CAGR of cable TV in the 1990’s and the 29% CAGR of broadband internet in the 2000’s.

Dewmar’s strategy is to diversify our cannabis-related revenue sources with complementary products, services and investments—unlike most small-cap companies in the cannabis business, which typically rely on a single aspect of the market.

Cannabis Product Diversification

Dewmar’s product diversification in the cannabis market includes:

  • Forming the U.S. Hemp Corporation to develop cannabis-based consumer products for food, beverage, nutraceutical and medicinal applications, and establish partnerships and brand alliances to promote the industry in general, as well as the company’s products.
  • Developing sources of cannabidiol (CBD) as a key ingredient for a wide range of new products. (CBD is a cannabis extract with anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic benefits—without the negative effects of THC, the cannabis plant’s most psychoactive element.)
  • Building on the initial success of Kush Cakes by improving retail shelf-life with proprietary, patent-protected hemp-infusion techniques.
  • Successfully launching multiple new products to provide a unique and compelling alternative for Millennials, as well as Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers who grew up with a taste for cannabis. These new products include:
    • Bama Granny’s, a cannabis-enhanced brownie with a marketing tie-in to a movie—a story about a small-town elderly woman who gained local fame for her “spiked” baked goods.
    • Pharmacist Made, a THC and/or CBD infused chocolate brownie, soon be marketed to states where medicinal and recreational cannabis are legal.


Cannabis Services

In addition to product marketing, Dewmar has developed a range of cannabis industry services—under “The Hemp Incubator” trademark—to foster overall market growth and promote the company’s brands. Our services include:

  • Brand management
  • Third-party manufacturing coordination
  • Product development outsourcing
  • Warehousing and order fulfillment


Cannabis Education & Media

Through our U.S. Hemp Corporation subsidiary, we have also diversified our business through activities aimed at promoting the benefits of the cannabis plant (e.g., the fact that hemp is environmentally friendly, leeching toxins and pollutants out of ground water and soil). We expect these activities, summarized below, to help grow revenue as well as build our company’s brand.

  • Dewmar pursues turnkey cannabis-related business opportunities with Historically Black Colleges & Universities. We are working with these institutions to provide coordinated resources, expert knowledge, certifications, legal support, training, engineering and technology to assist organizations seeking entry into the cannabis industry. Our goal is to provide start-ups with plug-and-play solutions for rapid marketing across the cannabis logistics network—from cultivation to physician prescription and dispensary.
  • The company is working to develop an online, interactive, college-level cannabis certificate program administered by professors of prominent law centers and cannabis industry experts.
  • Dewmar has been provisionally approved to produce a documentary film series about the Louisiana medical marijuana cultivation and medical research program.
  • The company has an ownership stake in a documentary film called “Weed for Warriors,” which tracks the journey of five U.S. veterans as they travel from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., seeking approval of medical marijuana by the Veterans Administration.
  • Dewmar also has significant equity in a cannabis industry television series called “The Collective,” which features Dr. Moran among its regular panelists, along with other industry experts and investors. Dewmar has an option to increase its equity position to majority ownership.


Cannabis-Related Intellectual Property

Medical marijuana has over 100 molecules that can be combined and delivered in a variety of ways to provide highly targeted therapies for improved patient care and outcomes.
Capitalizing on Dr. Moran’s expertise in pharmacology and healthcare, Dewmar launched a subsidiary, Cannabis Intellectual Property Holdings, LLC, to acquire patents related to the medicinal use of cannabis compounds. For example, the company has filed documents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for treating lung cancer, Parkinson’s disease and post-traumatic stress disorder with cannabinoids.

In a related transaction, the company is completing negotiations with Dr. Moran’s pharmacy school alma mater for the rights of first refusal to seven patents on the medicinal use of olive oil extracts to treat Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer.

In addition, Dewmar has acquired numerous website URLs to position the company to access patients seeking medicinal marijuana cards in states that have legalized, or are legalizing, medicinal cannabis.

Government Partnerships for Cannabis Market Development

One of Dewmar’s most important strategic initiatives in the cannabis market is relationship-building in Louisiana and Arkansas, both of which have legalized the medicinal use of marijuana. These states are anticipating a windfall in tax revenue from sales of cannabis products, as other states have experienced. Colorado, for example, generated more than $127 million in cannabis-related taxes, licenses and fees in the most recent 12-month period—an increase of almost 50% over the prior year.

Dewmar has deep relationships in both Louisiana and Arkansas, positioning it to compete for a key role in the launch and management of the high-growth market for medical marijuana in these states.

Louisiana has granted only two marijuana production licenses—10-year contracts to build and operate cultivation facilities and process all cannabis extracts for the state. One licensee is Louisiana State University (LSU), the other is Southern University A&M (SUA&M). Both institutions are partnering with private commercial teams to execute these projects, and since Dr. Moran is a well-respected, active alumnus of both universities, Dewmar is in a strong position to work with one or both of these institutions.

Dewmar believes its unique combination of cannabis expertise and personal connections at SUA&M and LSU give it an advantage against competing groups. For example, Dr. Derrick Brooks, who sits on Dewmar’s board of directors and is an expert on the therapeutic outcomes of cannabis formulations, was a key contributor to one of the proposals to partner with SUA&M on its Louisiana medical marijuana cultivation license.

Arkansas plans to license five medical marijuana cultivators and 32 dispensaries with limited cultivation capacity in early 2018. These annual contracts are automatically renewable. Dewmar is working closely with an in-state partner to participate in both cultivation and dispensing activities in Arkansas. Since 2016, Dr. Moran and his staff have spent considerable time developing relationships with Arkansas legislators, educators and other key influencers to build the same kind of strong team proposals it orchestrated in Louisiana. As part of his efforts, Dr. Moran was able to facilitate a seat at the table with the Governor of Arkansas as part of a round table discussion in May 2017.

Private Partnerships for Cannabis Market Development

To strengthen our competitive edge in the bid for cannabis cultivation in Louisiana and Arkansas, Dewmar has also partnered with key private commercial organizations. Most recently—and most notably—the company has entered into memoranda of understanding with MJardin and GHD.

MJardin is a provider of turnkey cannabis cultivation services, including facility design, fertilizer engineering, horticultural strain development and staffing. MJardin’s technical expertise and best-practices can help maximize crop yields and minimize costs.

GHD is a leading global architectural engineering firm. It manages key resources for cannabis cultivation, including water, energy, environmental controls, property management and transportation.



We have invested in a number of other businesses with high growth potential, leveraging our expertise in medicinal cannabis applications—especially as a pain management alternative to addictive opioids—and our experience with consumer food distribution.

Telemedicine—remote patient diagnosis and treatment via telecommunications technology—has the potential to generate a significant return on investment. Our telemedicine-focused projects include:

  • Participation in the first round of investment in CirrusMD, a leading national telemedicine and acute care provider.
  • Execution of an agreement with Smart RX Systems to sell its market-leading Smart PharmAssist™ self-dispensing pharmaceutical kiosk in key markets in the Southeast U.S. At a fraction of the overhead cost of traditional pharmacies, these kiosks deliver medicine to patients conveniently and cost-effectively, with high margins for owners and operators. Telemedicine technology has significant benefits, especially for hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and employers with more than 1,000 employees. The kiosks also represent a natural tie-in to the cannabis-based pain care solutions that Dewmar is developing.


To diversify our food business, Dewmar has entered into an agreement with KW Brands, the licensing arm of Willie Robertson’s “Duck Dynasty” franchise, under which we will operate Willie’s Duck Diner in Louisiana. We believe this relationship can lead to new entertainment opportunities—for example, we have been approached by an investor seeking to produce a celebrity-hosted cooking show, featuring a world-renown Creole chef and icon of Southern cuisine, which would be filmed at the diner.



With consistent sales of core products like Lean Slow Motion Potion and Kush Cakes, successful launches of new products in high-growth markets—particularly cannabis-related markets—and a diverse range of investments and licensing agreements, Dewmar is well positioned for growth in 2018 and beyond.

We believe our company is undervalued and represents a unique opportunity for investors. If you have any questions about investing in Dewmar International, please call us at +1 (877) 747-5326 or email us at

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