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Dewmar International transforms high profit-margin brands traditionally reserved for niche consumer markets into more widely available general consumer brands while building a sustainable business growth model. Below is a list of our products currently in our brand management portfolio.


Screen shot 2012-01-02 at 11.06.25 PMLean Slow Motion Potion

The Company’s flagship brand, Lean Slow Motion Potion, is rated as one of the top three selling relaxation brands in the United States of the purported over 100 plus relaxation brands currently available in the world market. Lean has sales grossing well over 5 million dollars and has been distributed and sold in 28 states and 3 countries, with successful continuous online sales.

Kush Cakes

Kush Cakes are a premium relaxation brownie developed by a licensed pharmacist. They are made with hemp protien and legal in all 50 states. The product is a nationally recognized  brand and has a dedicated following of customers. Get the original—Kush Cakes!  Tasty, Nutritious and Delicious.

Willie’s Duck Diner

Willie’s Duck Diner is a unique cajun style restaurant owned by Willie Robertson, the CEO of Duck Commander and star of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty.  The Company signed a licensing agreement with Willie’s Duck Dinner for the purpose of re-opening and operating the restaurant.  It has been purported that Willie’s Duck Diner has grossed over $2 million in annual revenues in prior years of operations as it sits in a major restaurant hub right off Interstate 20 in West Monroe, LA.

Brands & Products | Under Development

PharmacistMade is currently under development. We are doing diligence to find the best suppliers and processor of medical grade CBD so that we can bring to market a functional food medical cannabis product we can stand by and recommend to you and your family. We appreciate the patience and can’t wait to let you know when it’s ready!

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