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Dewmar International Brand Management Company, Inc. (“Dewmar”) is a U.S. based, veteran-owned brand management services and diversified operating company that specializesin developing, acquiring and/or licensing new products and brands for successful launch or distribution in both national and international markets.  Dewmar’s primary business strategy has been to transform high profit-margin brands traditionally reserved for niche consumer markets into more widely available general consumer brands while building a sustainable business growth model.

The Company’s flagship brand, Lean Slow Motion Potion, is rated as one of the top 3 selling relaxation brands in the United States of the purported over 100 plus relaxation brands currently available in the world market. Lean has sales grossing well over 5 million dollars and has been distributed and sold in 28 states and 3 countries, with successful continuous online sales.

The Company formed Health & Wellness Research Consortium (HWRC), LLC as a wholly owned subsidiary, to develop and market non-opioid, alternative therapies used to treat acute or chronic pain management.

Furthermore, the Company is leveraging the explosion in the worldwide popularity of products derived from industrial hemp. The signing of the 2014 Agricultural Act (the “Farm Bill”) forecasts several strong groundbreaking opportunities for companies at the forefront of the industrial hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) industries for production and development of textiles, building materials, consumable goods, nutritional supplements and medicinal compounds.


Dewmar’s subsidiary, U.S. Hemp Corporation, and its trademarked “Hemp Incubator” has developed significant presence in this high demand space for the immediate and long-term future. Our flagship brand, Kush Cakes, continues to be a top brand and functional food in this industry.  We have published Hemp Report IHemp Report II and Hemp Report III to outline our operations and achievements in this fledgling industry so full of opportunity.

About the CEO & TEAM:

The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Marco Moran (download bio), has 20 years of combined leadership experience and a superb work ethic as a former U.S. Naval Officer and U.S. Olympian who founded a series of successful entrepreneurial ventures of which three were sales/distribution or marketing related. He is a licensed healthcare professional with two post graduate degrees in business and pharmaceutical sciences, particularly with new product development, and with a sustainable immense passion for success.

Dr. Moran focuses on transparency and creating shareholder value through his annual Message from the CEO. To learn about the latest news and events happening at Dewmar International, we invite you to have a read.

Dewmar International is continuously exploring new functional product line concepts to match the most viable consumer base to yield more immediate profitability with reduced risk. Dewmar International is continuously exploring new functional food and beverage product lines to add to its growing portfolio.  Additionally, our brand management team prides itself on matching the the most viable consumer base with non-edible innovative products to yield highly profitability for Dewmar with reduced risk.